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UTG’s CoolShield™ vented tactical shirt is a breakthrough product to keep you cool and comfortable under a ballistic vest. It provides airflow and temperature regulation with breathable fabric and a wicking compression fit. The shirt meets backface deflection standards with both regular and external carriers.

Be cool.

CoolShield™ shirts’ ribs provide airflow channels under your vest to control heat and perspiration. Breathable fabric regulates temperature in all conditions.

CoolShield with Vest
Be safe.

CoolShield™ is ballistic-tested to NIJ backface pressure standards. It improves your body and mind performance in hot environments and manages hyperthermic fatigue.

CoolShield under uniform.
Be comfortable.

Better than regular t-shirts, CoolShield™ moves moisture and reduces chafing, clamminess, and odor.

Our design is ballistic tested, patented (# US 8,756,718 B2) and extensively field tested by LEOs and military operators.

NTOA Member Tested and Recommended

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How Does CoolShield™ work?

CoolShield™ was designed to marry two things that you need every day: comfort and ballistic protection. Cool Shield provides enhanced airflow giving you an extra margin of safety and performance that comes from wearing your armor longer while staying cooler.

Heres how it works:

We start with safety

CoolShield’s vertically elongated ribs hold the vest away from the torso. The ribs improve your likelihood of wearing your vest longer and more often.
Ballistic testing by an independent, NIJ-certified lab demonstrated how CoolShield can reduce backface pressure by up to 30 percent against a .40 S&W round. The patented concept is proven not to compromise the function of your armor. Armor is a must, and the CoolShield baselayer makes wearing it a better, safer experience.

We engineer in comfort

These elongated ribs let air flow freely through cooling ventilation channels. This airflow pushes heat and perspiration vapor out the neck of the vest.

Then we add the perfect fabric

The fabric of the shirt was engineered to keep you cool and dry during physical activity. The 2 layer fabric of the shirt allows for regulation and cooling of the body while wicking away unwanted moisture.

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Our patented design is unlike anything else you can find on the market today. It is designed to work with your protective gear to give you an edge in comfort and safety for mission-critical professions – like yours.


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Our shirts are all over the country

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