Proven Excellence

Tested by LEOs and Military

100% Commitment

Inventor Craig Tymofy is committed to delivering products that cops can rely on 100%. So he developed and rigorously tested the CoolShield base layer over nearly a decade to get it just right.

Ballistic Results

Tymofy tested prototypes at an NIJ-accredited ballistics lab. Testers used .40 rounds and Level II-A vests to prove that vests perform exactly as designed when worn with CoolShield. And vests worn in conjunction with the baselayer showed less evidence of backface deflection.

Technical Tests

A digital temperature test in a climate-controlled atmosphere showed that CoolShield under a vest can reduce body temperature by as much as 4º compared with wearing the vest alone. Product developers also subjected prototypes to 1000-cycle wash tests to prove durability.

100% Success

Every CoolShield tester has reported that CoolShield succeeds where other wicking baselayers typically fail. CoolShield operators tell us they can better regulate body temperature in climates ranging from tropical to wintry.

Brain Benefits

Testers reported better performance and less fatigue when wearing CoolShield. This is backed up by medical research showing that mental performance such as spatial memory decreases by 20% or more when body temperatures rise.