Jenn Cline

For my entire career as a police officer, I faithfully wore my ballistic vest every time I performed any police related function. From early in my career when the ballistic vests were heavy and rigid right up until the end of my career when technology had progressed forward to make the ballistic vests lighter and more pliable. During that entire time, I was always hot, sweaty and just downright uncomfortable. I tried every brand name moisture wicking undergarment to wear to help alleviate the amount of heat and perspiration that I would experience. Nothing worked. While I was working I was sweating no matter how cold the outside temperature was or how cool the inside area that I happened to be in at the time. At the end of my shift I would undress and whatever undergarment I was wearing at the time was drenched in sweat. Because I felt it important to always wear my ballistic vest, I just put up with the discomfort. That did not mean that I did not absolutely dread wearing my ballistic vest every time I had to put it on, especially in the hot muggy summer months. That all changed when I was introduced to United Tactical Gear. I began to wear this garment as my first layer of clothing and then put on my ballistic vest and then my uniform shirt. I immediately noticed the big increase in comfort and the bigger decrease in perspiration. Even after being outside on hot sunny muggy days, I did not feel uncomfortable the way I did for so many years. I no longer dreaded putting on my ballistic vest and at the end of a shift, my United Tactical Gear shirt was not a sweaty mess. Furthermore, the perspiration stains that were always on my undergarments and ballistic vest now disappeared. I highly recommend the United Tactical Gear shirt for anyone wearing a ballistic vest who wants to feel comfortable and cool. This product allowed me to do my job without feeling uncomfortable.